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How I think Maxwell got the others to get themselves into this game

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So far all we know are the backstories of Wilson and Maxwell. (Wilson's want for forbidden knowledge and Maxwell's want to be a famous magician) Here is what I think Maxwell (Ultimately Them) lured the characters in. So far I am comparing it to half lies. (ex. Maxwell said Wilson will have access to forbidden knowledge, true, but not the kind of knowledge he wanted) The transportation to the DS world was one of the lie parts of the half-lies throughout all characters

  • Willow-Wanted to burn stuff (She could burn stuff, but over there)
  • Wolfgang-Wanted to be SUPER STRONK (He became stronk, but only when he was fat)
  • Wendy-Wanted to make a food installment to get Abigail back (She could sorta be alive, but as a ghost)
  • WX78-To kill all living things (He can there with a spear and armor, but who wants to be there)
  • Wickerbottom-For her to use her own books to make a change (They definitely make a change, but she loses sanity by doing it)
  • Webber-To become Spider-Man have friends to play with (Had spider friends but was an outcast to the pigs and bunnies)
  • Wigfrid-To be her character in real life (Had real weapons and real monsters to fight, but she was sorta cursed with not being able to eat veggies)
  • Woodie-To chop more trees and have someone to talk to while doing it (Got a talking axe but was cursed with becoming a beaver)
  • Wes-I have a feeling that he was more famous than Maxwell so Maxwell got jealous and made him not able to talk and put him in a cage

That's how I think the backstories played out, how do you guys think it happened? @The Curator, I guess you have something cool to say about this? I saw this cool thing a few weeks back:


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Addressed some of this previously, the entry was added to the Curation thread.

The fact Maxwell needed Wilson to create a portal suggests that the one who sits on the Throne, as well as Them, have very limited influence outside of their own world. And so Maxwell required Wilson to build an actual machine capable of channeling Their power.

In some ways it throws into question if it would even be possible for the others to have been brought to the world, as it is not as if they all had the scientific knowledge to create a portal. However, the fact that every character is capable of creating a Science machine and so on; suggests that perhaps Maxwell gave them all Forbidden Knowledge which allowed them to build their own gateways. And so after traversing it, they retained the abnormal ability to know how to create such devices.

The fact that only Webber mentions Maxwell so explicitly in that he lied to him, suggests in turn that Maxwell did not lie to everybody in order to get them to build a portal. He likely seduced them with promises that indeed were fulfilled. Woodie has trees to cut, Wigfrid has things to kill, Willow has things to burn. And so on. This is potentially justified even more by the lack of outburst every character shows towards being in the new world, because most of them knew this was what they were getting into.

Thus, the backstory of most of the characters can be inferred that Maxwell approached them through an obscure, indirect means which hid his identity. Told them about something they could gain by taking his gift of knowledge and using it to build a portal, and then they went through.


Woodie is one of the more vague but also suggestive of them all. One of the developers stated that Woodie is a pretty normal guy, other then the fact he talks to his ax. However, if his ax was actually sapient it would not be logical to criticize Woodie for talking to it; because it technically is a real being.

This suggests that prior to arriving in the world, Woodie still talked to his ax; when it was just a normal ax and thus talking to it would be considered abnormal. Which means something changed between the real world and the new world which made Lucy real. Perhaps the entire world is a form of dream, and that is why in it Lucy is real and Bernie can move as well. It may also be possible that some manner of enchantment occurred, whether willful or not, however the theme of nightmares makes the world being an illusion more plausible.

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