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Shipwrecked No Grass, No Trees Challenge

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I had been playing rog/shipwrecked on default settings for a few hundred days and wanted a bit more of a challenge. Default plus in rog is pretty interesting, and absolutely crazy with webber (; Seeing that there is no default plus option for shipwrecked, I decided to create my own challenging world. I originally began with changing the world settings to the same settings as default plus in rog, but that wasn't as interesting since you don't get the starting chests filled with loot. So then I removed all grass and trees from spawning in the world. If you would like to try it here are the world options:

Boons: Lots

Crates: Lots

Saplings: Less

Grass: None

Berry Bushes: Less

Trees: None

Seaweed: Less

Spiders: More

Everything else is default.

You will need to start your player with one Hammer, a Backpack, 10 Jungle Tree Saplings, and a Walking Cane. Whether you choose to do this through debug console or mods is up to you.

I recommend using the mod: Custom Starting Inventory. If you want to use it, make sure random inventory is disabled, backpack, hammer, and walking cane are enabled, and jungle tree seeds is set to 10, with everything else disabled or set to 0.

Playing as Webber is a wise choice, but not required.

Yes, there are alot of rules to this challenge, but follow them and you will find a very different and captivating survival experience. The slot machine is your friend.

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