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What traits do you avoid like the plague?

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Aisde from the obvious Mouth Breather. What traits, positive or negative, do you always pass up. Which are your favorite?

Personally, I never pick Flatulence, ever. I'm OCD about having a clean blue base. More recently i figured out the electrolyzer, and can deal with the ocassional purple dots floating around, but polluted oxygen is certainly not welcome!

Favorite, aside from Diver's Lungs, would have to be Uncultured. You can go so long without setting up art early game if everyone is fine with mud covered walls to begin with. Stress becomes trivial.

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2 minutes ago, TopSloth said:

Least favorite is loud sleeper as I keep my living areas tightly packed. Most favorite would be quick learner.

Oh wow, I put Loud Sleeper so far in the back of my mind I forgot it exsisted!

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