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  1. Something seems to be causing the Buried Object flag on empty tiles.
  2. Compost providing freezing fertilizer

    Can confirm, although for me, the fertilizer AND the compost station stay around 20°F.
  3. We Need someone Swept Up?

    That darn Hassan is always causing troubles.
  4. Can't play Game close without errors

    Will it crash when paused? I would think something is forcing a null value, or infinite value, that shouldn't. Also, is the save pre-update?
  5. Can't play Game close without errors

    Have you verified game files?
  6. Figured this out in debug, not sure if intended, but something that should be looked into if Oxylite becomes more than just starting cycle oxygen supply, which would be cool.
  7. Intentional. Storage boxes are designed to protect your resources.
  8. I thought this was a feature until I saw the bug reports. I thought if they had a high digging skill, their tool got all techno. Now I'm kinda sad it was a bug.
  9. Can also confirm. It happened after deconstructing 2 Algae Terrariums and 1 Deoxidizer after I ran out of algea to replenish them with. Similar machines with algea in the inventory dropped the proper amount, but the empty ones dropped 0.0kg blocks.