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Gas pump isn't pumping?

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How would I go about getting this pump to work again?
It worked for maybe 3/4 seconds and then stopped. And I'm now overwhelmed in unremovable hydrogen!
(ignore the vent and pipe that are floating by themselves, haven't got round to deconstructing them yet. :mad:


I also have this issue with my lavatory of which it says it's always in use, but was only used once.
And my water pump of which stopped sending water to all my vital pipes with half of the source left, but since then my people have used it all on research and whatnot.

I must be doing something wrong, but no idea what.

Thanks in advance!

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My guess is that your water system is just too complex for the game to really understand which way liquids have to go.

you could try to split it up, I usually try to avoid mixing up outputs and inputs like you did with your water filters.

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