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Bugs/glitches that I have encountered so far

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Firstly, let me say that this is an amazing game. Probably my current favorite PC game which is saying a lot. To be concise, the issues I have encountered so far are listed below:

+The bio distiller (converts slime to algae) consumes slime but doesn't produce algae. Not sure if it's specific to me but I had all of the requirements for the building and it just emitted contaminated oxygen.

+Hydrogen generator doesn't appear to consume hydrogen at all. I couldn't find a way to rid myself of the hydrogen build up once I started using the electrolyzer. (to produce oxygen via water rather than algae seeing as the slime wouldn't convert)

+Dupes will sometimes be idle when there are tasks assigned. For example, I had some generators assigned for construction and even though they had the construction ability, they would just stand around.

Considering the fact that the game is still in pre-alpha, I completely understand minor bugs. I'm just posting this in hopes that it will help the developers work out some kinks. I have played quite a bit since I purchased it and in the long run, after setting up a water recycling system, electrolyzers, and whatnot, I found that the slime conversion made it almost impossible to continue seeing as the electrolyzers were the only form of oxygen generation. This being the case, it made my colony almost completely consist of hydrogen.

I wish everyone luck with their space colony endeavors. If you have any tips for fixes, please let me know. 

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