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Game not purchased properly

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Hi all,

My 13 year old daughter found out about this game, and got me to buy it for her (i'm the best dad).  I followed the link that she showed me (below), and I used my Steam account to gift this game to her newly created account. 

It all seemed successful - she got the notification that she has a gift, and it is listed as a game in her library.  But when she clicks the 'activate' button on her own steam account, it takes her to a blank page.  

I also noticed that, within my own steam client, the game has no "buy" button when I search for it.  It simply says "Available: Alpha now available!".

Did I somehow buy a game that isn't for sale?

What's the go?

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The game is only purchasable from that direct link and not in the steam store, I'm guessing cause they want to limit the number of people playing to the group of people that would find the link. Maybe that screws with steam's gift system so you'll need to contact the devs directly and only they and/or steam can help you. http://support.kleientertainment.com/customer/portal/emails/new

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