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Some thoughts...

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And first of all I'd like to say that I LOVE the game!!

but..there are a few things that I find mildly frustrating:

1. I'd really love to be able to grow algae that would produce oxygen indefinitely. (I know I can sort of kinda get a puft in an isolated chamber to get slime and make algae out of it, but it's hard:D)I already have two dead colonies because there wasn't enough oxygen. 

2. Maybe add the ability to place wiring and pipes somewhat further than regular blocks, cause having to fill up the space with ladders n' **** before I can make functioning bathroom facilities is a bit of drag.

3. And lastly(for now) I don't know if it's just me, but I'd love to be able to collect large quantities of clean water in a special container so I can use the space previously occupied by water for something more useful AND so that water doesn't get contaminated. 

Might update this further should it spark some interest :)


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yeah i really love the concept of actually growing algae cause i currently have completely run out of algae, if id have to guess i have probably mined at least 75% of the entire algae supply from which most of it is currently in the swampy slime biome. And using water to produce oxygen is not optimal.

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10 hours ago, Masterpintsman said:

1) yes.

2) with some planning this isn't that much of a problem, or do you build your rooms higher than 4 tiles?

3) build an enclosed tank?

2. Yeah, I really like it when it's roomy^^ 

3. I know I know, but I'd love to have it take up a little less space than a whole big room T.T 

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