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Bugs, bugs, bugs...

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While playing the game, I've come across a few instances where while the builders are putting together a ladder and digging up dirt or metal in the same place, a crack would form in an empty spot from where the dirt was already dug up. The builder would stay there digging for a long time and won't stop when it's completed the work unless you cancel the job. More bugs emerged from there too, the game ran slower, the colony would merge into other objects and walk through them or get stuck in one place.

Also, is there a way to squeeze a tutorial in there to know where and what your controls do? I'm aware there's one in there, but it doesn't fully inform you of everything, even the air pockets in different parts of the asteroid. What about adding algae farms too? Not just to distribute oxygen, but I don't often get enough algae blocks, meaning energy isn't distributed, water becomes too deadly to go around- because of the air- people get sick, more stress, and everything just goes downhill from there. I eventually ran out and watched the entire colony die out. o.o

~Bob Bibbidy 

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