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PLEASE have an auto harvest option for farms

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Its annoying when you cant just automate farm production and have to manually choose to harvest all your crops every time. Please add this thanks ok bye. also, will there be animal husbandry with morbs (fertilizer) and others? meats pls.....

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3 hours ago, Mcleane said:

I'm sure we will see this eventually, just by the amount people who have asked for this via the forums however personally I dont mind doing it myself.

I will actually be pissed to see devs time wasted on such childlish-lack-of-organization-by-the-user problems.

I actually hope the game will keep the uncompromising traits that makes Klei games the best single player around (imho).

e.g. omg they built a tile on their own head dupes sux. Yes, they are not the smartest around. This happened to me after 30 minutes of gameplay, by the 31th one the problem was archived, and never again happened.

Just get over it, your dupes get as smart as you are, since you are the one giving orders.

The devs job is not making the game comfortable for lazy people. A concern like this should make you question about yourself and your overall maturity to accept (even if fictional one) world rules.


I'm sorry about the saltyness. But this thing actually drives me insane.

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17 hours ago, tehMugwump said:

Tone please.  Saying 'sorry' afterwards doesn't count. ;)  

Re-reading my posts of yesterday I'm partly surprised partly ashamed from my attitude.

Double sorry to OP. Those are still my opinion, tho.

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