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  1. Does still happen after a restart of the game? Plus, but I won't put my money on it, try mopping away the water from the floor. There might be a bug with small quantities of water and pathfinding, even if this doesn't seem the case at all. No idea what's happening with OP, some invisible tile might be blocking the way. Saves would be helpful.
  2. Less frustrating workaround: you can scroll on the material list with the mouse wheel and somehow get the copper ore to show even if there is no scrollbar shown
  3. The two storage compactors in the image had quite the same content, 20 tons of polluted ice stored inside since cycle ~200 (I'm at 1152). I never bothered moving them when I expanded base because I noticed that the polluted ice temperature won't change when inside a storage compactor (I guess it is the same issue about the gas pipes resetting the temperature of the gas, environment temperature changes according to the storage one). The left one content just transformed into polluted water. The water is still at the temperature the ice was, -21 degrees. I don't even know what to report, I guess that's kinda the behaviour i was expecting in the first place (all the swept around ice heating up and melting in the same point). It's just kinda late(900 cycles!), plus the water isn't at 0+ degrees. Oh and the right storage compactor didnt give a damn, and still storagecompacting his ice. Edit: doublechecked, the polluted ice melting point is -20.6 degrees. Fool of me I guess. Can I set the report to solved on my own? @ImDaMisterL Edit2: Still, the ice in the right storage didnt lose a single degree in 900+ cycles.
  4. Wait I didnt know this. Might I ask for more details? Like how many g/s, and what does the production scale with?
  5. Ok, my english is not good tonight, so I'll just partition the post in a list of sentences. The bug is about Dupes dying by Suffocation in high concentration breathable oxygen. Have a Dupe performing a long task in unbreathable air. E.g. an obsidian tasteful memorial on undug abyssalyte. To my easily reproducible empirical knowledge, once the purple bar decrease to ~25% the Dupe enter the "Suffocating" state, and will quickly go searching for some breathable substance if he can path to it, or sadly submit to death if he can't. Plus, if a working Dupe enters in "Full Bladder" or "Hunger" state, he will stop any job he's working to and go to, respectively, free or fill himself. BUT If during the "Holding breath" state (not plenty sure if already "Suffocating"), a "Full bladder" (maybe "Hunger" too) event get fired, the Dupe will stop his work, go to the bathroom, and only after he is done he will catch his breath. He will not breath until he is done using the restroom. There are two possibilities: the Dupe is going number one. He can quickly start breathing again. the Dupe is going number two. He leaves the building. Which are witty ways to tell that if that the toilet is close enough, the Dupe will survive. Happened twice in half an hour. I hope the post is understable enough.
  6. Holy polluted dirt, so it's not intended! It's driving me insane since the update! I tought they would jump out as soon as they would be able to work again!
  7. Happening to me as well, I'm on thermal update. He stated he assigned them to the stress table, so do I. edit: deconstructing and rebuilding get things to work. The not-working ones were made out of granite, the new one were built on sandstone. JoaoVictorDell what about yours?
  8. luckily enough, you have no idea what you are talking about, and your opinion doesnt count
  9. I have no idea then. You should do this and leave the info in the bug report.
  10. It's a known bug, I'm sorry for your water loss. The more you know, right now that particular tile isn't letting gas in anymore, it's working as a regular tile.
  11. May you post some screens, or a save, and make the steps to reproduce it a little more clear? Is it even a bug?
  12. Starting from the lower pump: -the first gas filter should be fine -you are not filtering anything on the second gas filter. There is no pipe coming out the purple indicator. -the gas bridge next to the grave is backward. Green is in, white is out. You are doing it wrong. The upper pump should be fine. If you are planning to remove hydrogen, tho, you should place the pump in a higher place, since hydrogen will naturally flow above other gases due to its weight.
  13. Are you playing, or have you been playing on a dual monitor setup?
  14. The hydrogen you are producing while the game is still running is at -262.40 celsius degree. At the current stage, Absolute Zero, aka 0K, aka -273.15 celsius degree is reachable, and will crash the game.
  15. The batteries charge out of the "wasted" energy poured out by the coal generator. If your coal generator is generating 800W of energy and your elecrtical system use 800W of energy, your battery won't charge up, simply because there's no energy left for them. Try building another one, or more, and disable them as soon as all batteries are charged up.