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[Suggestion] Central forced air unit

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Ok, my alt over on reddit suggestion:

My house (two story) has forced air heating/cooling with a furnace vent and return duct in every room. I'd kind of like to do this with ONI, but you can't with the pump we have (you'd have to have a pump in every room moving the air out).
I'd like to see a centrally located furnace/heater/cooling or just air unit that you could run inlet and outlet ductwork to and from. That way, each room would have only an inlet and an outlet to keep it moderated efficiently.  I think this would add a lot of interesting designs and also allow you to have closed off rooms instead of the perforated walls we all end up with now.

This would allow you to have one large unit above or below the base and pull air (oxygen) from a good resource and push it into the rooms while exhausting the bad air out to your dumping room.  You could also have a scrubber inline for return air. Something like that....

What say ye?


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