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Shank 2- Humble Bundle- Windows: Save Bug


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Sorry to hear that you're experiencing difficulties.May I suggest:create a folder called users in the Shank 2 game folder(not in saved games or my documents)for eg. if you have installed shank2 to: c:\games\shank2create the folder: c:\games\shank2\usersIn this folder I put a saved game(the .sav file) I downloaded from http://www.savemygame.fr/en/start-do...-bigsmoke.html for testing and it worked.the saved game file will be atc:\games\shank2\users\savegame.sav

This is it!!! I've seen plenty of people having this same problem with the game, and I was about to deicde never to play it again, I was so frustrated.For anyone having this problem under Windows x64, this will fix it! Just download any savegame file (the link here is dead, but I found one somewhere else), copy it to the directory above, and the game will recognize it. Then you can just hit 'clear save data' in the options menu from the title screen, and bam. You can finally reboot your game without losing all your data.Thank you so much for figuring this out! Now I can actually play the game.
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