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Animation glitch in character mod

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I'm making a character mod in DST as a gift for my friend's birthday. :) It's my first mod and I'm struggling with a problem... 

I'm working with the extended character template and everything seems to be working well on the coding part. My problem however is that some body parts of the character don't seem to be compiling properly. Instead of showing the body parts it just shows either nothing or a black bar. The autocompiler is running and no error messages come up. Everything is working but the upper arms, legs, feet and in some animations the hands just don't show up.

I'll include some pictures of the issue before starting a new game. The problem is also present in the game itself but doesn't cause any further problems. When you set the missing parts from default to any clothing item the problem is solved. So it only happens with the default images for the character.

I've looked through the exported files but nothing seems to be missing or named wrong. My guess is that the problem is with the spriter or autocompiling. I have also already tried deleting the animation zip files en autocompiling them again but that didn't fix it. I've opened the spriter file a few times while working so I hope I didn't accidentally change anything in there but I don't think so...   

Someone out there who has had a similar problem and solved it? Or just somebody who isn't as new to this stuff as I am :p? I'd really appreciate some help.



Schermopname (1).png

Schermopname (3).png

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@fulltimefundude I fixed it :D~! Here Willem DST Mod.zip

So, first of all your speech file was missing a " , " somewhere & I was too lazy to find it, so I just replaced it with wilson's speech to stop it from crashing, sorry :)!

I didn't know really what's wrong with the textures, so I manually had to copy paste them 1 by 1 into non-glitchy png images, then I autocompiled & now they're not censored anymore, hahahahaha!!

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Thank you! I'll look into the speech file myself . Sounds like you really put quite a bit of time into it... If you had to do all of them one by one :o Respect man! :p                                                                                                                                                       This is gonna be a birthday gift for a good friend of mine and I had kind of accepted that it wouldn't be glitchfree in time but his birthday is literally tomorrow... :D So you totally made my day! Thanks a lot!    

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