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  1. Hello, if someone can help me that'd be great! So, here's the code! modmain.lua so this is code for my character can do a roar to damage stuff around him, the roar damages entities entities fine but not players. So, I don't want the roar to affect my character obviously so in the "Roar_Player_Damage" I put a check not not damage if the prefab is my character prefab "watan" but then the code doesn't affect any players! If I remove that then it will damage my player once & cancel the roar, I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.. if someone can help me with this then that would really be nice, thanks for your time & have a good day/night !!
  2. we need a semi-lots & semi-more option
  3. Only Wes can preform the art of sarcastic clapping when he is really feeling it, as It is one of his greatest perks with infinite power to inspire his allies in times of hardship.
  4. That's your theory, your game theory!!
  5. Isn't Steam trading card only for games? I don't think Steam allows trading cards for dlc.
  6. I can't understand how to change/use that code, but thanks for replying !
  7. Hi, I'd like to add new things to my character's diet. My character is a horrific demon beast monster & I want him to be able to eat rabbits, birds, moles, bees, logs, rocks & some more items that aren't edible. Does someone how I can do this? Also, is there way when my character eats on of these I give him different state for eating them? I prefer to do a new food state which has more crunch sound to it, thanks for your time have a good day/night !
  8. Because MisterL is best moderator
  9. This topic is now the "Who has the superior opinion topic"