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A crime and a punishment

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Well... Those little dudes seem to be pretty lovely. Goofy, adorable meatballs, burried miles under a surface of a forsaken asteroid, or some another piece of cosmic junk. But... But they seem to be so humane too. Don;t you think, that they may have humane issues? LIKE VIOLENCE?! THIEVERY? GREED AND GLUTTONY? Or simple lazyness. They sure must have those issues. So... Why should we not choose leaders of our duplicant colony? Why should we not see the CRIMES coming, crimes caused by stress and by their previously hidden, mallicious natures? NAD PUNISH THEM? Yasss, punish the so baaaaad (no BDSM references or what so ever)... Like, lock them up in little cages, so another dupes can poke them with sticks, make them work through nights or just fry them on electric chairs... Or even use some futuristic egzecution chambers, containing spinning blades and utilising dupes into contamined water and soil? And so the dupes, treated badly by their leader could RISE AND SHINE in rebellion, and kill, kill, KILL those, who did not decide to join them, and then torture, and, and... I dunno, this game requires more dark humour.

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