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My feedback 2.0

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Hey guys !

I spend my whole time playing ONI and i can't reach "late game" because of unbalanced stress management. I mean, i'm ok playing with the stress but once they reach 100% destructive duplicants RUINS EVERYTHING and cause you serious damage and more waste of time. 

Maybe i'm just bad, or maybe just idiot but i can't manage oxygen, stress and every other needs in the time with not much resources (algue, water and metal). 

My problem is the stress prevent me to build a enought BASIC self-sufficient system. 


My feedback is pre-207683. 

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The devs have said (in a Rhymes with Play Dev stream), there is currently no possible way to be self-sufficient/self-sustaining. It's not balanced enough. Your best bet is to try and manage best you can, learning to get further, as you go. Or, if you're just looking to experiment, which requires late-game, use Debug tools to maintain your colony, until a more balanced system is released in a future update down the line.

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