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Buried alive??

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I got to say I love the AI in the game I haven't laughed soo hard at an Ai since skyrim and it is not even for the same reason :D.

I bought the game today and was on my 13 or was it 10th day? When I decided to change the bland terrain to the tile. So I had most of my Duplicants go dig the dirt and build the tile. So off they went to put the tile on the part that I wanted (keep in mind that it was only a 2 tie space)and they all started to build at the same time but the thing is that one of them actually went down there but I didn't even pay much attention initially, that is until this one Duplicant actually built the tile above him, meanwhile the others built tiles around him and I was like "hes not gona stay there and build the tile in the same space that he is right??... but he did!!! And then the most funny thing happened the Ai actually took a second and then started emitting sounds of panic !!! I didn't even know they could do this. its like the Ai just noticed it got himself stuck and started emitting constant sounds :D I never laughed soo hard in my life.

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The first time it happened to me I actually panicked, I thought: "he can't breathe! he can't breathe! Oh, wait, he actually can breathe..." but by the time I ordered to destroy the tile he was trapped in the other duplicants fell asleep, so he had to wait until morning with his little legs flying from the ceiling while the other two slept peacefully just below.

The most funny part for me is that the developers found this could happen, and instead of fixing it (like making the builder wait until the space is free or forcing the standing duplicant to move away) they added sound and animations for comical effect.

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