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Gas Vents seem pretty useless

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Hi guys, I'm having a little problem dealing with the amount of gas that everywhere on my particular map.

I'm not certain if it's my particular map generation but all the gas pockets seem to have over 4Kg of gas at a minimum in them. On the surface this wouldn't seem like a problem, until you have to start regulating the thermal foot print of your farms or condense CO2 into a pit for disposal.

The problem is that the vents fail to output gas at places where it appears to be over 1Kg, and there just isn't anywhere on asteroid that is really below this value. I could create a vacuum chamber but there is no where to dump the gas to achieve that.

It seems like the over pressurized debuff on vents should really only take effect if the area is over 10Kg of mass or if the mass in the pipe is less than what is currently in the room. For example if I'm trying to vent 1Kg of gas into a block that is 2Kg then I would think the gas in the pipe would backup until it reaches >2Kg in which case that gas will pass into the room. Once the room reaches the 10Kg max (the max the pipes can go to) then the over pressurized debuff should be placed on the vent.

I was curious what you guys thought about it, maybe I'm just not understanding the mechanics of the gases and someone has some good ideas.

I do know a few bug exploits that will make gas disappear, but I'm not really wanting to use them and would rather find a solution that will be viable without bugs.

Thanks =D

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If the vents were unidirectional (meaning, has a self closing flap that responds to external pressure) it would make more sense. But an output device with a lower pressure tolerance than the pipe it's connected to is counterintuitive and a bit too choosey

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