Minor bugs: AI misbehaviour, Crate riding seal bug, alarm interrupt with noise maker


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Hi, just reporting a few minor bugs.


After restarting from checkpoint, the guard doesn't continue on his normal patrol route, but instead walks left and stops there with his nose to the wall.

Location: "Fall of Hessian Tower," first room after cutscene with Karajan & Kelly (entry point in the ceiling after the glowing yellow cut-scene marker, semi-large room with a grated light in the top-right corner, a murderlaser from ceiling to floor mid-room, a shorter murderlaser blocking off the switch bottom-right, one patrolling guard). A screenshot would've been a bit more simple... sorry.

Happened on every subsequent checkpoint restart on both "New Game" and "New Game +."


I'm able to get the seal for riding the crate all the way up to the top without neither touching it nor pulling the lever. In order to "scout it out" I climbed the shaft and killed all the guards, then took a few steps at the very top, rewarding me the seal. Well I suppose technically i never jumped off the crate :D

Unfortunately I'm not quite there yet in New Game +, so can't confirm if it's replicable.


It's possible to cheat the guards to not sound an alarm with a carefully timed noise maker on enemies that are either recovering from a gas bomb or witnessing a fellow guard being gassed. The distraction from the noise maker overwrites their former thoughts of raising an alarm into mere suspicion. Sometimes the audio cue for a red alert has already sounded, but it still works as the scoreboard showed no alarms having been raised.

Tried and tested multiple times. Might work with other distractions, too, but I'm not certain.


My system has Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, up-to-date DirectX, Intel i5 -series, GeForce 560 Ti 448 with newest non-beta nVidia drivers.

ps. much love <3

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Hey thanks for adding so much info for these! We'll check them out. The crate one is pretty funny haha.The only one that's kind of as designed is #3 - Guards being distracted from raising an alarm. It's true that if you kill someone and they find the body, or you stun them etc... they will raise an alarm, but this will be interrupted if you distract them with a light smashing or other sound. And yes, the audio and icon indicators happen moments before the actual trigger happens (that effects the score). So while that one probably won't change, the other ones we'll add to our list to investigate. Thanks so much!

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And yes, the audio and icon indicators happen moments before the actual trigger happens (that effects the score).

Oh! Ok I thought of it perhaps being some sort of... well for lack of a better word "synching" problem with with the cues or a case of lesser alert states gaining unwarranted priority. Since it's a deliberate design choice I wont feel like I'm cheating while "exploiting" it :DCheers!
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