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Through the Ages - Community Update Pack

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This uses Shipwrecked content for the time being and also re-jigs some unused DST content or changes it. Hopefully I can make a lot optional.

No prefixes as it won't allow me to add them. Conceptual Stage at the moment.

The old thread will hopefully be hidden so as not to allow spoilers. It was posted by my old account, AFatCat. Please post any spoiler-y stuff in:


Will edit in after release of the mod's Update One.

Riddle of the Royals [Update One]

  • Wilbur, King of the Monkeys has found his way to the Mainland!
  • A boat has washed up with a talkative parrot on board. See what you can find out!
  • Antlion's been doing some renovating! Come check out her Beach!
  • Palm Treeguards have been spotted around Sandy Areas, be careful.
  • Don't wander into the Jungle at night, you may not return.
  • On the plus side, there's bananas.
  • Legend has it a Sandstorm shall cover the land during Summer. Well, 50% of the time, anyway.

??? [Update Two]

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