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Vote server Regen -- Greifer's paradise!

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I was shocked months ago when an update created the vote regen server. I'm shocked today that this feature is still DEFAULT with every public server.

This feature is easily exploitable to grief others of any fun.  1.) The vote will be spammed 2.) Dead/new players can outvote players having fun 3.) The game doesn't even tell you who is imitating the vote.

This needs to be fixed because lots of people quit games when blatant greifing runs rampant.

Possible tweaks/solutions:

1.) Don't make the vote ability DEFAULT. Make servers opt-in instead. This would drastically reduce the amount of public servers with this greif tool.
2.) Don't let dead players vote. If there is at least 1 alive player having fun, the dead players shouldn't be able to force him to stop playing. The dead players should either find a way to revive, find a new server, or make their own server. Ruining someone elses fun shouldn't be the go-to option.
3.) Don't let players who have been on the server for less than 3 game-days vote.
4.) Don't let players re-initate the vote after their vote failed.

Thank you for your time.

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