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Need help for translation about some text

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Need some help for translation, even devs' help?

  1. As for "STRINGS.DUPLICANTS.CHORES.{...}.NAME" and "STRINGS.DUPLICANTS.CHORES.{...}.STATUS", what do they mean? I think "STATUS" means "doing" but some NAMEs value "going to do". So, "doing" or "going to do"?
  2. msgctxt LAZIBONITIS # I think this means "lazy bones".
    msgid "The Lackadaisies" # a web cartoon?
    msgid "None" # no need for pills or is healthy?
  4. msgctxt SAWCORPSOSIS # "to be or not to be"?
    msgid "Existential Angst" # or the existence of colony?
  5. msgctxt DWEEBCEPHALY
    msgid "Brain Fog" # I use the meaning of "dweeb".
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2, 4, and 5 are all portmanteaus, which means throwing a bunch of words together to make a new fake word. Those three all seem to reference "illnesses" that dupes can contract. "Lazibonitis" means "Lazy bones illness", and "The Lackadaisies" is based on the word lackadaisical, which means "laid back" or "lacking motivation". "Sawcorpsosis" means "Saw a corpse illness", and existential angst refers to the sense of fear or dread that comes from thinking about death. "Dweebcephaly" is a bit trickier, but dweeb means "someone who is smart but socially awkward" and "cephaly" refers to illnesses that affect the head. "Brain Fog" refers to that feeling where it's difficult to focus or concentrate like when you're tired.

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