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Water Pump + Water Purifier bug.

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So I was doing fairly successful for about 30 days. I wanted to set up a Shower & Lavatory for my dupes and had thought i could manage to make a simple sewage system. (Clean water goes into bathroom, dirty water comes out, dirty water goes into reservoir, pump dirty water into purifier, purifier goes back into water supply) I thought my plans we're pretty great; until, the water purifier just didnt work. I supplied everything needed, and it just sat still. Its at this point that the water pump pumping water into the purifier continued pumping water endlessly, effectively deleting my entire water reserve as it simply disappeared.

So as it would seem the water purifier does nothing if you pump clean water into it, and any clean water that goes in is simply lost to the void

I would love to see this fixed, granted i can work around it, but it hurts having lost such a good run.



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