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Looking for players!

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My wife and I play DST for PS4 nonstop basically, especially on the weekends. We are by no means "pro", but we have managed to survive indefinitely pretty much. We play with a few coworkers of mine that have no idea what they are doing and we just keep them well fed and revive them nonstop lol. We would like to find some people to play with though that no what they are doing and want to take on the ruins, dragonfly, and things like that after survival is well established.  Also it is just a lot of fun playing with more people. My wife plays Wigfrid and I usually play WX-78 or Wolfgang. We would love to have a good Wendy, Woodie, or Wickerbottom on our team! All characters welcome though of course. :) My gamertag is Timpressive. Just shoot me a message and we can figure out a time to play!

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I would love to join! I'm able to design a great base for multiple people and love to play woodie. So I'm also able to collect lots of wood in a short period. Defending myself won't be a problem either, even though im not the greatest combat skilled person on DST.

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