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disabled buildings still consuming power

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I have noticed that even after disabling a building that uses power, it still continues to consume power.  I have noticed this with research stations and apothecary.  i would disable them, because i wasn't currently using them.  then I noticed my power supply was draining just as fast as normal.  when i clicked on the buildings and looked at the 'details' tab, it was showing that the building was still consuming power.

this might also explain why buildings that produce a lot of heat, do not cool down when disabled.

personally i think both of these behaviors should be changed.

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It's hard for me to tell, but as a player. I think I have seen similar if not power clinging on its the heat generation. Inactive building, not used atm, should at least have some reduction in power consumption. Like the blasted supercomputer! Sleep mode that thing so I dont always have to flip things on or off. I still will for the minor gains im sure. I found that heat generating items were whacked out. 3 lamps over heated by base and I could NEVER farm at all. Looking at the heat mapping it certainly looked like a lot of item were still in an 'on' state. The residual heat also is off or the map of it. room ambient ~~110F near by ladder ~212! A locker sitting about holding a good 180 for no reason i could understand. A save and full reboot of the game seemed to kick somethings into or out of the current state. including but not only Fluid/gas pockets and as if not there manual air locks! Not fun to see what I thought as a sequestered CL pocket I moved start free flowing when its over 700.mg per something o-o

I too hope to see some changes I got as far as 50 so days with no farming but my colony save is about to break from the shame spiral as im calling it. >Stress>vomit>wet feet>sim style pee puddles> etc... Dups can vomit an impressive amount of fluid while never leaving that much to get flushed into my septic tank :? odd.

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