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A big, big, big shout-out to ESCToy!

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During the Krampus Sale, at the end of November in 2016, I placed an order on some of the goods that were on sale. Over a month progressed without any news about the shipment arriving in Sweden. I got worried, since the previous year I ordered a Crabbit plushie which arrived in about one month. I started e-mailing ESCToy, trying to pinpoint where the parcel could be, and they were always prompt to reply. Even so, the attempt to track down the parcel was fruitless. I got in contact with both the Swedish and US postal services and while I obtained general information about the holiday package delivery I could not get much help with the specific parcel. Upon further e-mailing to ESCToy they wrote that they could only refund me, which they did, even though I didn't want them to. My mood was rather resigned by now. I filed a missing package on USPS's website. A week and a few more days progressed. Then I decided to e-mail ESCToy yet again, asking them about if there was a chance they could send replacement order, even a replacement order that could be tracked. This time they replied that they could do that. They sent it, trackable and all, without any hesitation. By now I was in Poland, so I stated the current address. After about one month, at the end of February 2017, the parcel finally arrived!

While I still mourn the original misssing parcel (I guess it wouldn't be Don't Starve without a little sorrow), I am very happy that ESCToy went the extra mile to set everything right. Thanks for the generous and prompt support. I can only speak warmly about them.


The address in Sweden is the permanent one and my family always notifes me about received mails. Personally I suspect that the package could have gone missing somewhere in Sweden, since their postal service experienced many issues during the late holidays of 2016.




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