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Exploits, experimental data and musings.

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Here is a list of information that User Smileyrat and myself have compiled.

Contaminated dirt can be stored in a vacuum (or anywhere, but vacuum is easier) to be converted into oxygen over time by way of deoderizers. Does not require energy, only sand. Can stack turds in multiple storage boxes for maximum efficiency. Alternatively, contaminated water can do the same at a slower rate.

U-bends made using water and, well, a U-bend can be used to completely seal off your base and prevent gas exchange. This has some really nice benefits for construction and when high-chlorine areas.

CO2 can be sequestered by pumping it into unused and sealed off areas, but a 1x1 room can be used to pump-in super-cooled CO2 and it will turn into solid CO2. This makes handling it much easier than leaving it as a gas, and if done quickly enough it can be amazing. Pro-tip: use it as an air coditioner in your farming area.

A high-pressure central area in your base can prevent other gasses from rising or falling, depending on type of gas. This can be useful for forcing contaminated air/CO2 into locations for sequestering, if performed correctly.

Water can be pumped and released using a rotated airlock to compress gasses to extreme levels, I've seen as high as 15kg CO2 in a 1x1 area.

Algae farms suck a lot of resources when idle, so it is best to use only one and only in areas of massive CO2 density.

Briar pots give decor when unplanted, and decor receives a massive hit from resources on the ground.

Diver's Lungs is by far the most efficient perk, giving 4 dupes the ability to function with the same O2 as 3. The converse is true, as mouth breather makes each dupe double their oxygen usage. Since water typically runs out from being electrolyzed, this extends your playtimes dramatically.

Large farms reduce water usage due to eating raw lice being more water efficient than eating cooked lice.

Bottled [gas/liquid] can be dumped by clicking on it then clicking the remove building option from it's menu. This will spill the contents wherever the bottle is.

Air filtration systems can easily be created by making a room with gas-permeable floors. Each floor should have a deodorizer on it so that the gas has to pass by to escape. You can then pump contaminated air inside. Make sure to have an airlock to allow for refilling sand.

X-ing out of your dupe choices and save scumming can be used to recycle your dupes until a better choice is available.

Clicking red alert will wake up a sleeping narcoleptic with minimal negative effects.

Farms can be made higher priority with high priority tool, but harvesting at high priority does nothing. Harvest + priority is necessary. Priority resets on replanting.

Disable art on every dupe that isn't an artist.

Pneumatic doors do not stop decor changes, but airlocks do. Walls do as well.

4 high rooms are best for decor purposes, 3 and 2 high for efficiency.

Looking for contaminated water to mop up? Switch on the heat overlay, it shows the toasty warm watery goodness, so you can leave regular water alone.

CO2 density is a monster waiting to expand when you run low on air. Beware of this when you start running low on O2.

More to come, check back for edits.

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