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Heat transfer problem

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There is a lot of bugs in heat transfer system.

The biggest problem is the way how this system works. I kind of respect what KLEI is doing here, they are creating kind of a simple simulation software for fluid mechanics and thermodynamic.

But the question is, do you know what would happen when you mess around with them?

What have happen to me is: when I pump water or contaminated water into magma, they didn't instantly all turn into steam. They got heat up slowly from the contact surface.

Considering the huge temperature difference between them and the equation below, it is not realistic.

Q=KSdT, where K is the coefficient, S is the contact surface area, dT is the temperature difference.

So if dT is not considered inside this game, please add it soon or many stupid and strange physics phenomenon will happen.


If dT is already considered. Then it's the problem of convection. We all noticed that if you are trying to heat up a pool of water in game, the temperature of the liquid near the heat source go up first, and then the liquid nearby, and then the liquid further. But this is not happening in real life!

If water is heat up, they expand and rise with colder liquid coming to fill their original location(where the heat source is). So in a short time liquid flow is formed which makes heat transfer more efficient than heating solid things. This is convection and it's not inside the game.

To fix this issue, I think using bigger K for liquid and air is probably better. But this is still not realistic. I know that all games are the simplified version of reality and I probably should not expect so much from a game. But maybe convection and diffusion really need to be added into the game.

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Quite a few things in this game as it stands, unfortunately, is not within the realm of realistic physics. Temperature convections are not correct, gas diffusion is not so "gas like", liquids are way too viscous with way too much adhesive force to other objects, conservation of mass does not apply, chemical reactions do not occur (oxidized iron or copper, or the combustion of hydrogen and oxygen).

I've found the game extremely fun so far, for sure! The game's physics can be tweaked quite a bit to mimic more realistic conditions though. 

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I was sure that some scientific guy won't like the ingame physic model :)

I think that convection it too complex in a 1D model with a big discretisation ( 1X1m according to duplicat size).

What bother me more is that two liquid with same density like clear and contaminated water don't mix together and move like a jelly thing..

They could use Saint Venant 1D formula to modelise water flow. The surface tension of the water is damn high and the capillary action is too pronounced.

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