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  1. When digging copper ore, the material isnt added in the inventory and can't be used for buildings.
  2. You can't dig some places because they are unreachable. If you build a ladder to reach the place there are still areas which are referenced as unreachable even though they aren't.
  3. The gas vent is somehow broken. It is overpressurized even if the room is almost in vacuum. This time I tryed to make solid oxygen and got a infinite drop of solid oxygen from a contaminated oxygen gaz
  4. Working on French translation
  5. The pipe should not cool because the heat is transferring into the much warmer room.
  6. The thermal conductivity of insulated tile isn't constant. I got a conductivity between 2.0 and 3.3 depending on the tile placement ( and maybe temperature). Most of the time, the insulated tile has the same properties than a normal tile.