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Pressure and Concentration of Gas Type Overlay

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As of the current build ( 206776 ), I've had about 8 hrs of straight game play and 2 main world saves, both kind of FUBARed right now (ill go into it on another game play feedback post).
One thing I've had a little struggle with is pressure and air management. If i under stand the atmospheric mechanics of of the game correctly, they are loosely following Boyle's laws of physics (volume goes up, pressure goes down and vise versa)  as well as the fact that denser gasses fall and lighter gasses rise.

So I feel that adding to or replacing the current breathable air overlay with an overlay that allows the player to see all gas types and to select a type of gas and view its density per tile as a percentage and displayed like the current air overlay is.

Also, adding an air pressure overlay (in the same way as mentioned above) i feel would be really helpful to see how well my air duct system is (not) working as well as to know when i need to stop digging  and make an airlock system so i don't lose all my base's pressure or be patient and wait for pressure to stabilize.

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Yeah, the gas overlay is missing two main things: one is better display of pressure/concentration (density of colour is too vague), but what we really need is something like a vector map that gives us some idea of the motion of the fluids.

The other big thing missing is that some buildings or objects are an obvious source or sink of certain gases. It would be very informative for the game to show this, whether it be a pump, Dupes and other living things inhaling/exhaling, or anything else that might emit or absorb gas.

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