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Ladder doors (hatch) .... You know y'all want them !

I usually destroy 1 square ladder and replace it with a tile to close an area I dont use so often  and why take 1-2 squares on a regular door when you can place a ladder door between lvls ?

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19 hours ago, chromiumboy said:

You can rotate ordinary doors with 'o' to make hatches if you'd like

MIND = BLOWN .....I did not know you can rotate objects in this game ... NICE,thanks !


9 hours ago, Zervo said:

i think he want another door hatch that only took 1 tile, and have a ladder also.

so the dupe can actually climb not jump over it (like horizontal door)

Well, actually yes ! that is what I intended to say ! :]

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Laddered single square hatches is something I want as well.

Not to mention rotated doors as they are now seem to bug out pathing occasionally, where areas become inaccessible despite the navigation overlay showing them as accessible (my entire colony starved out because of this, they refused to go get food despite pathing showing it being accessible, and complaining about inaccessibility).

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