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Random Crashes and CPU overheating

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Hey guys, sucks that I have to post here. Was very excited for Oxygen Not Included. Bought the game, installed, started playing. 10 minutes in my CPU overheats and my computer shuts off instantly. Maybe that was random. Boot it back up, start the game again. ~10minutes in again and it overheats my CPU and it all shuts off instantly AGAIN. Okay maybe my computer is acting up? check all my hardware, run some tests, nah everything is fine. 2 hours later I boot the game up again and start playing. Yet again about 10 minutes in it overheats my CPU and shuts everything off instantly. 

What I'd like to ask I guess is do the Devs know of this and has anyone else had a similar issue? I have an 8 core amd processor and a few gigs of ram as well as a 2GB graphics card so I know my rig should be able to handle it. Any help would be appreciated. 

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Hi there!

The bad news: Masterpintsman is probably right. If your PC shuts down because of overheating, its not the games fault.

Well, in a way it is: Its very unoptimized and eats up a lot more CPU than it should - but its an alpha and thats to be expected.

What you can do:

- Check if the CPU really is the problem and not your graphics or power supply.

- Clean or upgrade your CPU cooler.

- OR: Reduce Clockspeed and / or voltage in BIOS to reduce power consumption and heat.

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Hey everyone, as I said in my post, all the hardware is fine. Not the issue. wondering if there is something the game might be doing or some setting I can lower in game. This is the only game this has ever happened with. I can play Skyrim or Fallout 4 or whatever other super resource intense game for hour while streaming or with videos on in the background. This game is the only thing that has ever caused this issue, so I guess if anyone else is going to suggest it's my CPU failing in general... it's not. and I know it's the cpu because I checked in the Bios right after a shutdown and the temperature was way too hot. 

Can't stress this enough, this ONLY happens when I play Oxygen Not Included. Any other game I can run for hours no worries. Any other software in general. Question is, IN THE GAME is there anything that might be causing this such as graphics settings or something? Thanks though for the responses so far. 

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9 hours ago, doesenglish said:

all the hardware is fine. Not the issue.

I know it's the cpu because I checked in the Bios right after a shutdown and the temperature was way too hot. 

You see the problem with those two statements, right?

Your CPU has to handle ANY workload you throw at it without overheating. If the other stuff runs fine maybe its not as CPU intense or your graphics card is limiting (Skyrim, Fallout).

Now you can keep believing that its not a hardware problem and ask 100 more people, getting the same answer.

Or you could open your PC Case and start looking into the problem. Just opening the case and letting a big fan blow air into it might already fix it.

If you still dont wanna believe its a hardware problem, at least install some testing software and back up your "beliefs". Run CPU burner in Furmark or Prime95 torture test and see if your PC can handle that without crashing.

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