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Disputing a Ban

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 I was Recently banned For "Trolling". I joined a public server when Two other people were trolls i was just watching. I know its not the best thing to do but i voted yes to kick them but he kept leaving. I stayed but i didnt think i would get banned for just being there. It would be kind of annoying for being banned for nothing. It would be kind for a response Thanks... 

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To prevent unfair banns, i would advice people who happen to see or play with griefers in the servers, just to record and upload their gameplay, for clear evidence about who the griefers are. On PS4 this is incredibly easy. Even if you don't manually start the recording, your ps4 will automatically record your last 15 minutes (by default, but you can change the time limit in your setting) of your game. Just upload it somewhere and share it with klei. Once the griefers are caught on video, there is no excuse or going back.

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