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  1. That was fast :). Keep up the great work, Devs. We looooveeee the fast updates
  2. Btw, third world generated already and all of them didn't have moon phases. That's about 1.10 version of the game.
  3. Exactly the same problem here. There is no dedicated server which I didn't try to connect to. Game crashes every time. So, let me try to answer some questions: - This is about the latest version (1.10). - On PS4 we have only official Klei dedicated servers. - PS4 is with the latest software update. - The account is signed in to psn. - The error code is CE-34878-0. - I succeed to log in only once, after I loadout all the skins. I disconnected and try again...And crash.
  4. Aaand I can't connect to ANY dedicated server. After character selection almost log me in and the game crash with some error code...Every time. I rebooted the console, sign out and in from psn... Not thing works.
  5. My girlfriend just report to me that she tried to join public dedicated server and the whole game crashed with some error and option to send error report. When she started the game again, there was message that all game saves are gone and only option to continue. Now all our worlds are gone and I can't bring them back, because her account is not with PS+.
  6. We just played split screen with my girlfriend and we don't have this problem. But we play our own world. And it's public and everyone can join and play. But we had another one - moon phases were missing from the HUD.
  7. Hi ho ho :). Who is gonna play tonight like crazyyy :). Btw, what we call minimap (sorry for the lame question)? On ps4 we have only map :)...Which is not "mini" (here is the beer talking) :). Thank you for this update
  8. Is there any change of the durability of any items? I didn't play for a while (I think last time I played was version 1.06) and when I start to play today, what I think I noticed is the battle helm durability loss is highly increased. Maybe is just me, but I need to craft that helm many many times in my last game. Is that bug, or probably I just don't remember the durability of this item?
  9. Don't starve together is not cross play, so you won't be able to play together from pc a d ps4. However the console version have vertical split screen. I see few options (from less expensive to more expensive): 1. Play on one console with split screen. 2. Play on one console with split screen, but if you have 3d TV that support dual play, just buy dual play glasses and both of you can see on the whole screen. 3. Buy another ps4. 4. Buy another pc.
  10. And I have issue which is not mentioned anywhere. When I leave the game (but don't close it) and later return to it - I am not able to join any server. It shows me "day unknown" for all of them and I try to join, it shows me message that is not possible to join this server. I need to restart the game in order to be able to join servers.
  11. Yes, you just need to stand next to science machine and press square on your controller.