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Sand issues

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So on my 4th run and getting use to the game, at about cycle 120 I completely ran out of sand. I was using the sand for 3 water purifiers and a few air deodorizers. With no sand I'm starting to run out of water fast. So my question is, how do I fix this issue? I don't see any more sources for sand and are there better ways to make clean water? Thx

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Well, I wouldn't say there are BETTER ways ... but there are other ways.  If you can manage to evaporate contaminated water, the steam will condense into clean water.  Some people direct their contaminated water into a pool of magma and allow the steam to pass through gas permeable tiles into a tank.  Another way to do it is to build a huge battery bank and pump your water into the room with the batteries.  The heat from the batteries won't be as effective as the magma, obviously, but you won't have to pump water so far away from your colony.

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