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Dedicated server's mods fail to work.

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So I followed a lad's tutorial (Tonio) to make a server (preconfigured type) and it's working flawlessy, but.. when we talk about mods.. they refuse to work

This is how I added mods: 



--#Health Info

--#Global Position

--#Extra Equip Slots

--#Come to my pocket

--#Personal Chesters

AND now the error (or server LOG)

System Memory:
    Memory Load: 32%
    Available Physical Memory: 5455m/8136m
    Available Page File: 5165m/10056m
    Available Virtual Memory: 4010m/4095m
    Available Extended Virtual Memory: 0m
Process Memory:
    Peak Working Set Size: 7m
    Working Set Size: 7m
    Quota Peak Page Pool Usage: 168k
    Quota Page Pool Usage: 166k
    Quota Peak Non Paged Pool Usage:13k
    Quota Non Paged Pool Usage: 12k
    Page File Usage: 2m
    Peak Page File Usage: 2m
[00:00:00]: PersistRootStorage is now APP:Klei//DoNotStarveTogether_EasyConfigOverworld/Cluster_1/Master/ 
[00:00:00]: Starting Up
[00:00:00]: Version: 206676
[00:00:00]: Current time: Tue Feb 21 11:10:39 2017

[00:00:00]: Don't Starve Together: 206676 WIN32
[00:00:00]: Build Date: 1875
[00:00:00]: Parsing command line
[00:00:00]: Command Line Arguments: -conf_dir DoNotStarveTogether_EasyConfigOverworld -console 
[00:00:00]: [WARNING] -console has been deprecated: Use the [MISC] / console_enabled setting instead.
[00:00:00]: Initializing distribution platform
[00:00:00]: Initializing Minidump handler
[00:00:00]: ....Done
[00:00:00]: ....Done
[00:00:00]: Fixing DPI
[00:00:00]: ...Done
[00:00:00]: THREAD - started 'GAClient' (19360)
[00:00:00]: CurlRequestManager::ClientThread::Main()
[00:00:00]: ProfileIndex:3.38
[00:00:00]: [Connect] PendingConnection::Reset(true)
[00:00:00]: Network tick rate: U=15(2), D=0
[00:00:00]: Network tick rate: U=60(0), D=0
[00:00:00]: Authorized application D:\Programs\Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together Dedicated Server\bin\dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer.exe is enabled in the firewall.
[00:00:00]: WindowsFirewall - Application already authorized
[00:00:00]: OnLoadPermissionList: APP:Klei//DoNotStarveTogether_EasyConfigOverworld/Cluster_1/blocklist.txt (Failure)
[00:00:00]: THREAD - started 'ConsoleInput' (15940)
[00:00:00]: OnLoadPermissionList: APP:Klei//DoNotStarveTogether_EasyConfigOverworld/Cluster_1/adminlist.txt (Failure)
[00:00:00]: OnLoadUserIdList: APP:Klei//DoNotStarveTogether_EasyConfigOverworld/Cluster_1/whitelist.txt (Failure)
[00:00:00]: Token retrieved from: APP:Klei//DoNotStarveTogether_EasyConfigOverworld/Cluster_1/cluster_token.txt
[00:00:00]: Token retrieved from: APP:Klei//DoNotStarveTogether_EasyConfigOverworld/Cluster_1/cluster_token.txt
[00:00:00]: HardwareStats:
    name                      Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro
    version                   6.3.9600
    architecture              64-bit
    platformSpecific          SP 0.0
    numCores                  4
    features                  SSE,SSE2,SSE3,SSSE3,SSE41,SSE42,AVX
    name                      Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz
    manufacturer              GenuineIntel
    clockSpeed                3601
    megsOfRam                 8192
    name                      NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960
    driverDate                20161211000000.000000-000
    megsOfRam                 2048
    refreshRate               60
    videoModeDescription      1920 x 1080 x 4294967296 colors

[00:00:00]: cGame::InitializeOnMainThread
[00:00:00]: Renderer initialize: Okay
[00:00:00]: AnimManager initialize: Okay
[00:00:00]: Buffers initialize: Okay
[00:00:00]: cDontStarveGame::DoGameSpecificInitialize()
[00:00:00]: FMOD Error: An invalid object handle was used. 
[00:00:00]: GameSpecific initialize: Okay
[00:00:00]: cGame::StartPlaying
[00:00:00]: LOADING LUA
[00:00:00]: DoLuaFile scripts/main.lua
[00:00:00]: DoLuaFile loading buffer scripts/main.lua
[00:00:00]: running main.lua
[00:00:00]: loaded modindex    
[00:00:00]: ModIndex: Beginning normal load sequence for dedicated server.
[00:00:00]: DownloadMods(5)
[00:00:00]: Download server mod 375859599
[00:00:01]: Download server mod 378160973
[00:00:01]: Download server mod 375850593
[00:00:01]: Download server mod 821936078
[00:00:02]: Download server mod 463740026
[00:00:02]: FMOD Error: An invalid object handle was used. 
[00:00:03]: PlayerDeaths could not load morgue    
[00:00:03]: PlayerHistory could not load player_history    
[00:00:03]: bloom_enabled    false    
[00:00:03]: loaded saveindex    
[00:00:03]: OnFilesLoaded()    
[00:00:03]: OnUpdatePurchaseStateComplete    
[00:00:05]:     Load FE    
[00:00:05]:     Load FE: done    
[00:00:05]: ModIndex: Load sequence finished successfully.    
[00:00:05]: Reset() returning
[00:00:05]: Collecting garbage...
[00:00:05]: lua_gc took 0.01 seconds
[00:00:05]: ~ShardLuaProxy()
[00:00:05]: ~ItemServerLuaProxy()
[00:00:05]: ~InventoryLuaProxy()
[00:00:05]: ~NetworkLuaProxy()
[00:00:05]: ~SimLuaProxy()
[00:00:05]: lua_close took 0.02 seconds
[00:00:05]:  Manager - ORPHANED UNKNOWN RESOURCES:
[00:00:05]: shaders/ui_yuv.ksh - 1
[00:00:05]: CurlRequestManager::ClientThread::Main() complete
[00:00:05]: HttpClient2 discarded 0 callbacks.
[00:00:05]: Shutting down



How can I fix it? (Or setup mods correctly?) me and my lands want to play, but it's kinda lame withotu global positon and such :/

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The mod part you posted is only the "setup", ie. installation - you should now see the mod data under (DST's application folder)/mods/.

Enabling the mods is done on per-server basis in modoverrides.lua (you probably want to keep that file synced across all shards). Have you done that?

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