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Is heat transfer for solid object still not working?

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I've noticed that all the electrical devices generates lots of heat. And I've seen people dripping contaminated water into magma to make steam.

So I make a sealed room to test my thought:

I place some batteries into a room that is made of abyssalite, which has 0 heat interaction with nearby objects.

It can be seen on picture 1 that the air is already heated to over 100 degree. When I drop some water inside the room, the temperature of both the contaminated water and the liquid pipe remained the same when the battery and the air is still over 100 degree.

So maybe the heat transfer is not finished for now? The only way to make steam is through dripping down water into magma?


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This is something I had been trying as well, and here are my thoughts. The water is not transferring heat because it's not sitting on the batteries, it's sitting on the abysalite. This has a heat transfer of 0 so the water never actually heats up.

What you might be able to do is make a slightly larger room, still contained in abysalite but with a tile floor that does transfer heat. It will create a small hotplate on which water would heat up and turn to steam. I'm still constructing mine, soooo I can't tell you for sure if this would work but it's something I'm trying myself.

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