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Chance to Tame Creatures (Reduced Stress w/ Pet)

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Currently in game there is only one way to reduce stress.. the massage tables. But, I feel like it would be beneficial if there was a mob, or mobs, that you could tame (chance % Tame/Attack), and by assigning it to a Dupe as a pet, it would help reduce their stress. Sort of a Therapy Pet. I don't think it would be necessary to require a whole new attribute to tame... just a random $ chance whether they are tamed or turn hostile.

Maybe even a pet that works opposite of the Morp. Breathes contaminated air, and released clean O2, encouraging player to attempt to tame them.

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This is the kind of content I'm here for!

In all seriousness, yes I love domesticating creatures in any and every game. When you say assigning the mob to a Dupe, it makes me think of them with a feral creature that they're slowly trying to tame and they have to deal with occasional attacks or destructive habits, haha. Would be funny if combat came into play for taming. Or, something could be tamed by expending resources, like feeding it (though some of them eat or breathe toxic things? it would be a bit situational).

And there is a creature that does that! It's a Puft, and it's a passive mob, I had one nearby in my first save. They even generate slime, so super useful. And I googled its name and found this thread where someone has made a little home for one. :D

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