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Diseases aren't that bad?

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Been playing for a bit now, on cycle 30 of second run and having tons of fun :) 

something I've noticed however, is that diseases don't really seem that bad?  So far I've only gotten trench foot and the spores on one or two duplicants, and it didn't seem to really do much as far as I could tell?  I'm just curious if anyone's found any more serious diseases yet ? (Or if the two I've seen are actually really bad :0)

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2 hours ago, Whaleturtley said:

Ah okay, hopefully they'll add in more diseases that are...actually harmful XD until then I'll try to figure out how people are making steam :p

Well, game is still in alpha. Diseases possibly are more like placeholders at the moment and most probably more meat is put to them later on in future updates.

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