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Can My Computer Run Don't Starve Together?

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So i checked out the basics required for running this game. 

So far my computer checks out on everything except for 1 single item


Dedicated video RAM


It said that it was recommended that i have 256mb of ram to run the game but sadly i only have 32...



ive run games that suggested 256mb and i had mild lag but nothing that wasnt manageable (Starbound)


i want to know if this game is different in any way


different as in 

if i dont have 256+ its unplayable and my computer will burst into flame


or can i scrape by on 32 with a little lag here and there


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don't starve is not a graphically intensive game it is more a processor based game. So i would say it is worth the risk..

looking at your specs I would suggest buying a dedicated graphics card though I mean you have fairly decent specs every where else? I obviously don't know your situation though. You could pretty much buy a better graphics card than what you have with the money you spent on don't starve. 

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