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I made it to cycle 100 (some tips on how and images)

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I made it to cycle 100. Yes 100- I have no idea how many hours that is even on full speed but all I can say is 20 hours in just one week is crazy (this is my 4th world). I used the oxygen efficiency approach ( <-- click here) Elviraa made by them self pretty much; modified a ton by me to get the most out of nothing. I was pretty lucky to have a spawn with lots of water puddles.  

(more about how I did it below the images

This is the start of my base on cycle 5



This is the end result (cycle 100)


I plan to make a guide/tips on how to make it that far in the game eventually. Here is my steam community page with a hundred something screenshots of the base (note not all are in order by cycle) http://steamcommunity.com/id/RedstoneSV/screenshots/?appid=457140&sort=newestfirst&browsefilter=myfiles&view=imagewall 



I plan to restart. Yeah? I know I'm crazy- I do not want to see my inevitable death. This game even if not intended to be is about trial and error and learning every time you play, if something works, great, if it fails, it fails horribly. it was going downhill since around day 80 because I selected the last tier item in research for gas stuff- and if you don't know last tier research takes ABSOLUTELY LITERAL TONS OF WATER which got everything out of wack and I was struggling since. Overall you should all just have one algae deoxy with constant airflow everywhere until you can get a electrolyzer- hydrogen doesn't become much a problem if you have a lot of space, but I pumped it into vacuums, well almost vacuums.

My one tip until  I make a guide is to never use coal generators that high and avoid them as most as you can- all my coal was used up by day 85~ and because I only used one airlock the CO2 would leak everywhere- even if I had two that wouldn't guarantee it all from leaking. Anyways thanks for reading and hoped this helped you even in the slightest way. Also, making mineshafts is fun and cool using vents. Just one more thing... Always have hand sanitizer closed in like you would treat a coal generator- chlorine leaks everywhere from it because it emits it and it is is nearly impossible to clean up besides vacuuming the whole room up and separating it in pipes.

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I agree with the restarting being a part of the game right now. You learn new things and want to implement them in a fresh start.

My cap seems to be around cycle 40, but I'm kinda getting higher with each restart.

And yeah u have to be really careful with the coal generators,`I keep them low near where the algae terrariums are so in case of leak they suck up that CO2.

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