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One wathgrither, one varg, a whole lotta death.

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This happened pretty recently, I was following some suspicious dirt tracks hoping for a tasty treat. I finally the ol' "Hush, the creature is near" and see some nearby killer bees approaching something offscreen, I didn't realize following them was a bad idea until I see it. The terrible Varg he starts following me, I get the amazing idea that I go and lead him my base that I, ehm, commandeered from a past Webber who learned that piggies do not like spiders, some struggle finding it again later I get to the pig village, but not just before I hear the tell tale tune that night encroaches my plan seems to be a failure. I quickly rush to my campfire on the edge of town and fill that bad boy with grass, I play ring around the rosy campfire with the terrible beast, the terrible thing biting me every other time I circle the campfire with it, I come to the realization that were I to continue, I would surely perish. Thinking quick, I notice the 9% torch in my inventory. Just enough. I run into the darkness, the Varg following, HISSS, torch HISS, torch HISS torch I make it through the nice with 3% left on the torch to spare, and the Varg still on me, the small hamlet of pigs awaken and charge to defend their domicile. But alas! The hounds are too smart for the pigs, a each hound gets their own pig, including the Varg, I flee, hoping the pigs could take care of that. The pigs, not having the crowd advantage, are quickly killed, I return to my base, the Varge standing proudly next to a house. Has slaughtered my pigmen, invaded my home, and worst of all, has yet to die. Knowing I must either kill him, or be killed. I charge him, kite as I might, I am quickly overwhelmed with dogs, and perish. Thus ends my amazing saga.

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Bravo!  That, my friends, is precisely how somebody playing as Wigfrid _should_ tell their story.  As an Epic Tale.

Similar to my own "The Saga of Wigfrid and the Fluffy Bunch" only not as dawn-outly painful*, and also, the only Dramatic Storytelling I did was with the title. The actual story was told in pretty normal words.  : P


*It did also involve a Varg.  And pigs.  _And_ the Bearger...and a wrecked base...and both ice and fire hounds at the same time...

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One wathgrithr*

Vargs are pretty annoying. What I usually do is outrun them on the road, since if they get unloaded they'll stop following. If I do succeed, I build a prison for the bath and force him to make me hounds that I kill and eat in front of it's pathetic eyes.

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