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→ Crash

I had only one in the other colonies.
I am on the fifth and unfortunately I can not continue because of a crash that is always happening.
I can not say exactly why it happens, but I'm sort of in the 40s cycle and I'm trying to dig up and it always happens while I'm moving the camera through the colony.

→ Water

• Very rare and very difficult to deal with. For me it is what needs to be balanced more urgently.
• Duplicants lose almost the entire cycle by picking up and distributing water. There needs to be an easier way to distribute water or reduce the amount of things that need water.
• The amount of water is too small for the amount of things that need water all the time.
• I was not able to use water for other uses other than basic fundamentals like food, research and oxygen by algae pots. I have not been able to make showers or sinks or use the eletrolizer.
• Contaminated water is good for other uses, but the scarcity of water forces me to turn it into clean water and use it for the basics.
• Water Pump and Water purifier consume a frightening amount and energy and must be turned on all the time because they do not purify enough water to fill and be used by the colony
• Contaminated water is very tricky to deal with because there is too much bad gas, too little oxygen, too much digging, too much lag to build everything to clean water, etc. After a while the pump claims to be rebuilt because it can not catch all the water when it is shallow and diverting the water is very time consuming.

→ Gas and Oxygen prodution

• As you open the colony, you can not produce enough oxygen
• Opening the colony is critical to finding more resources and having materials to craft the items, but you need to fill the colony with oxygen producers and the most efficient ones consume a lot of water and join the water problem I mentioned above.
• Contaminated air is impossible to fight. Air purifiers cost a lot of water (water is rare) and there will come a time that will not be enough.
Gas Pump does indeed work, but operates in a very small area. This causes him to quickly run out of gas to suck and the area he left without toxic gas can not build anything. It is impossible to keep moving the structures by destroying and rebuilding them or putting them everywhere because of lack of material, time and space. I think a good solution would be for them on the walls or top and increase their area to suck gas.
This problem with the gas pump also felt like the water pump.
• The bathroom produces a frightening amount of toxic gas and is something you need right from the start. The same with the need to open the areas filled with gas to pick up contaminated water.


→ Dupies

• They never handle so much work. It is a long time to heal stress, to make enough energy, to dig, to build, to pick up and distribute water, to store materials, to cook, etc. The amount of dupies is few and the tasks very time consuming.
• They eat too much. I always have to get many because as I said they do not give the service and the food always ends.
• They eat the first thing that appears as pure meat lice having a huge stock of food made in the refrigerators. It would be nice to have a preference for food from the refrigerators.
• They leave everything on the floor. It would be nice to have a way of having them always pick things up off the floor and store them in their chests or have a way to do it automatically.
• The harvesting action is always completely forgotten by them.
• We have little control over them directly. It would be nice to be able to have them do something specifically.
• Their AI is a bit bad. It is common for them to cling to the floor, and suffocate or be stuck or trapped on the stairs.
• They usually use the longest route.
• They ignore basic needs like eating to generate energy and fail to do important things like curing stress and illnesses by doing this generally last.

→ Decor

• Unfortunately it has virtually no space for decorations. Either you put something fundamental or decorate.

→ Lag

I expected some lag after a good time playing.


That's it for now ^^ I have about 18h of play.

 There are some prints of my current colony paused. I did not continue because of the crash.

Sorry if there are many, but I wanted to make it clear how it is.
Some problems today in this colony: 1- A lot of things to do and the dupies do not deal with everything like producing so much energy, distributing water, digging for water, etc. 2- Very toxic air. 3 - I can not get water to give more research and the Dupis do not have time to stop and use the search engine and so I do not know how to do many other machines like coal power.



























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