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  1. Hello! I do not know if it's a bug or if it's intentional, but it seemed to me to be a bug. I was streaming and I went into a ruin normally. But I was stuck in one of the rooms. I tried, at first, to push the buttons to try to escape, but I activated everyone and the door would not open. Then I could notice that it was not the doors of the room were closed because of the room I was in, but because of the room before. Seeing the map I noticed that something made all the passages of the previous room were locked and this room had my only exit which made me get stuck with no chance to leave. I do not know if Some enemy stepped on the button and locked or anything that closed the doors or I entered a door that was supposed to be closed or if the door was actually open and the game acted as if it was closed If it's intentional and the door can close without me being there, like an enemy going through the button, something needs to be done because it's something you have no way of escaping My highlight -
  2. Has anyone discovered how to find Clayvarg and Cleyhound without using prefab? I expected some hound attacks and even with the active altar, there came none. I have not yet found a Varg in the footprints tho
  3. Just because it is an item that does not need flooring does not mean that it should not have floors below it. It is visible that the Water Bottler is still able to get in the water and it would be a huge problem a building that can not have floors below. Another issue is that if there is an impediment it should not be possible for the duplicant to start the task. They are able to start but are not able to finish and so they get stuck.
  4. Hello! I was playing the first day of the update Outbreak in my live and I noticed that the duplicators are stuck in Liquid Bottler They can not draw water and finish the task and so they get stuck in the task until they have to sleep or are forced to leave (deconstructing the water bottler for example) The animation is also buggy The problem stopped when I removed the floor just below the Water Bottler I made a small clip of my live so you can see the problem. (Sorry for the quality of my live is a bit bad)
  5. Hello! I'm doing a video about WX78 and while I was trying to record a difference in wet mechanics between vanilla, dlcs and together I could see that I was not getting Wet's damage at Together. I was confused and did several tests. Then I realized that in Together the WX-78 takes damage from the Wet only if it's raining. I know that WX78 gets damage from both Rain and Wet and even Rain being the main cause of Wet, they are sources of different damage As I did not find any updates and no information on the wiki I thought it might be a bug. o Is there an update or is it a bug? I need know to make my video without wrong information and also to inform for it to be fixed if that is the case. The link is from a video I made about this bug. I use the Mod Fix Too Many Items, for sure it is not the source of this bug since I tested it without it being activated as I asked some friends to test without the mod installed.
  6. I will share theirs works in my facebook page Don't Starve Brasil. That's awesome and cute and would be happy to share it. If you have others and want to share feel free to contact me. Ops! link
  7. You can destroy the nest set them on fire. Likewise tallbird's nests.