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Redirecting water without pumps

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This is probably referring to the fact that fluids like to not fully flow off a ledge, leaving a not-insignificant amount in the passages it went through. It'd be a lot better if the code that tried to make it flow down looked to see if there's a ledge nearby and made it move in that direction once it's near the point of stability.

The distance it looks for a ledge could be based on the 'thickness' of the fluid, normal water would flow a lot better than contaminated water or lava.

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Yeah I keep digging into new water sources and while the original pocket of contaminated water is 20 tiles of 800g water, when I open it up and let it flow down into my reservoir I end with.... 5 tiles of 200g water. I checked the surfaces on places it flowed from and there seem to only be tiles of 30g water stuck up in a few places, so it's not that much.


I'm not sure if the water is leaking into the ground or something but there's no tooltip or any info in the game telling me where the other 80% of the water I dug into went to.


It would be better if the water was fully conserved or the game gave a lot more information about where it's disappearing into.

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Aevum EXACTLY!  I had about about 40 tiles of contaminated water disappear from one pocket of 60.  I noticed that the same problem does not exist when I use a pump, every bit seems to transfer correctly.  I'll stick to that method for now.  I imagine the devs aren't trying to give us extreme consequences for digging out our water instead of pumping it.

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