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Statistics Mod Pack! [compatible with Reign of Giants and Shipwrecked]

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This mod pack contains a pack of mods (obviously) that don't change the gameplay of Don't Starve, but instead give more information about your stats, items, etc.  Here are the mods it contains, with their authors (I'm not cool enough to make mods yet, I only know Python).  I assembled this modpack for nerds like me who love knowing all the numbers, and don't want to search for and download a ton of mods, hoping they will work.

This modpack is compatible with Reign of Giants and Shipwrecked.  It originally contained the SmartCrockPot mod, but it has a bug on Shipwrecked that causes the health and equipment slots of all boats to disappear.

Here they are:


Combined Status 1.6.15 by rezecib, Kiopho, Soilworker, and hotmatrixx (Displays Health, Hunger, Sanity, Temperature, Seasons, Moon Phase, and World Day.)

Detailed Tooltips 1.5c by Daynar (Port from DST, comment with any bugs reports or feature requests. Enhances tooltips to display values for: weapon base damage, tool durability, armor condition, armor protection type, and armor damage reduction.)

Display Food Values Public preview version by alks (Displays what food and healing items have what hunger, health, sanity values (including rotting and expiration date))

Health Info 2.0.3 by xVars (Shows exact health of creatures on mouse-over or controller auto-target. This mod is inspired by Tell Me About Health (DS) which was ported to Tell Me (DST).)

Minimap HUD 1.0.7 by squeek (Adds a minimap to the HUD)

Sort Inventory 1.3 by Brody & Whismerhill (Sorts inventory by weapons, equipment, food, etc when you press z. Ctrl+z changes the sorting method. Shift+z toggles whether the first 1-2 slots are sorted. (See Workshop page for v1.2 updates!))

Waypoint 1.0.6c by Nc5xb3 (The ability to add a waypoint at your position and bring up a list of waypoints to travel towards.)

Wormhole Marks 1.2.3 by _Q_


Just unzip this into your mods folder, and everything will be ready (after you enable them, of course)!

Mod Pack.zip

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On 4/29/2017 at 2:15 PM, eboLag said:

For me, SmartCrockPot works just fine, it's DisplayFoodValues that hides the boat HP/items.

That's strange, I have that enabled and it works just fine.  Maybe it's a conflict between those two mods that causes the problem, so removing one or the other would fix it?  Meh, whatever.

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