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Getting better at Tinkering by running in the hamsterwheel

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As long as this is not a metaphor for modern life...XD


I was watching one of my Dupes busy generating energy for my needs when I realised that he was gaining Tinkering Skill by doing so. I understand he is "using" the machine. But since the connected skill is Athletic (seen in the work tab) and they are actually running their lungs out in these things...

Shouldn't they gain Athletic Skill?

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xD That art !

I think they do aswell, for now tinkering seems to work with any machine, and then special machines use another stat on top of that (You can get tinkering by cooking). 

I think once we get more machines to work with it may have to be redesigned to not work on machines that already require a specific skill (cooking machines, running machines).

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