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Just some stupid ideas for the game

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Guess it's really suits for this game to have more creepy stuff from toxic bioms. They could have more flora and fauna, which are hardly friendly. I understand that there will be more content in later stages of the game, but just can't resist to suggest some right now. =D

  • Fungus or some other alien vegetation that grows by itself with time. The idea is that it could useful to have this thing near as it produces oxygen(contaminated oxygen, food, some balanced stuff). But without oversight it would spread everywhere and start cause trouble (decor debuff, disease spreeding, damaging tools and furniture);
  • Diseases with possible pros (not only cons). Not a new idea, for example in Rimworld there are "mechanite" parasites, that enhance characteristics, but cause pain;
  • Jellyfish that lives in the water (and eat slime?) and generates electricity which could be used;
  • Living fog. You got some fancy gas/liquid physics here, so it would be really cool to have some angry cloud with ebola evil being who uses this physics;
  • The most absurd thing came to my mind thinking about previous item is mealwood infestation. It's basically mealwood that grows straight from dude's head. Not very pleasant, or useful to wear, or fancy but hey - food is food.

What do you thing guys, could we have some weird stuff like this?

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