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Do Flood do anything?

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I try to search about this. but found nothing. sorry if i miss it.

But does anyone know what happen if your colony being flooded?


I got a bit of disaster last night when one of my water tank broke (the 1 tile soil break and water start pouring in).

My science with electrical wire & battery got flooded but it seems that nothing happen. I thought it will break them but it's not.

I'm not sure if the flood wasn't bad enough, or they just did nothing except you have to mop them up and make your dupe show disgust face. lol i love the art in this game.


so my question, in the current build, can water/flood destroy/break stuffs?

and if they already mention something about it?

like they can destroy plants, some items/storage, electrical machine, etc..


i figure contaminated water will affect a lot of thing, but what about regular/normal water?

i want to experiment on it.. but i didn't have the heart to do it with my dups :<



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